bongers testimonialsBongers ™ are loved all over the world by everyone: from manual laborers to professional athletes, office workers, and even animals. But don’t just take our word for it, check out these testimonials below:

Bongers ™ have been a real lifesaver during my pregnancy.

  •  S.U., Reseda, CA

I bong my head lightly for creative problem solving.

  • K.T., Los Angeles, CA

If we get out the Bongers™, my dogs line up.

  • K.G.,  N. Arlington, NJ

I took Bongers ™ to Dolphin Training at Magic Mountain. They loved getting Bonged on their little blowholes.

  • J.L., Agoura, CA

Got rid of my shoulder & neck & pain!

  • S.C., Riverside, CA

We sell Bongers™ at our back clinics located throughout the world and our clients love them!

  • M.K., Hong Kong, China

They made me smile inside out.

  • A.Z., Venice, CA

Awesome! Got rid of my husband’s foot pain and eased his shin splints in just 2 days!

  • D.J.C., Murrieta, CA

I am a ballerina and I dance for about 5 hours a day. I love using my Bongers™ to relieve my tense muscles and help keep my legs and back flexible for class!

  • N.P., Miami Beach, FL

No more headaches … bonged away!

  • J.J., Mission Viejo, CA


Stupendous, salubrious sensations. The Bonger ™ revolution could stimulate the backbone of our nation.

  •  B.R., Arlington, VA

My girlfriend’s cat just purrs louder when the Bongers™ hit his back.

  •  E.D., Burbank, CA

They’re a great pedagogical tool for teaching drum techniques, as well as creating new sound effects.

  • K.C. Milwaukee WI

After my car accident I had spinal congestion and Bongers ™ helped clear it up.

  • I.R., Sausalito, CA

We inserted crystals inside our Bongers™ to revitalize and energize ourselves when we Bong.

  • B.M., Los Angeles, CA

My family and I love Bonging!!

  • J.S., Toronto, ON

My pets love Bongers ™. All I have to do is bang the Bongers ™ together and the cats run over to get a massage. I use very light pressure.

  • 2000everett4

Keeping a set of Bongers ™ in the office to relieve shoulder and neck pain after scrunching over a desk for several hours is a really good idea.

Richard Simmons even wrote an article about using Bongers ™, click here to read it!

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