Bonging Tips

-Always be sure to ask whoever is receiving the Bongers ™ massage if they would like you to bong them softer or harder. Never Bong sensitive areas such as the kidneys.

-Try gently massaging your cat, dog, or other pets with Bongers ™!

-”Rolling” is another massage method  that can be used. To do this hold the Bonger ™ loosely in one hand while the other hand rolls the ball back and forth, just like using a rolling pin!

-Give your shoulders, biceps, and triceps a toning workout by holding one Bonger ™ vertically between both hands and wobble the ball back and forth, and side to side.

-Try coating the balls with aromatic scents and massage oils when massaging bare skin. Just remember to wipe off the Bonger™ after use!

-Use a reflexology foot chart or trigger points chart for ideas on where to bong for specific relief

Reflexology Chart for Bonging

Reflexology Chart for Bonging

-Create interesting sound effects by rubbing on various surfaces

-Play along in time with your favorite music, or try playing along to this

-If you have a drummer friend or family member get them to practice their rudiments on you!


Have another suggestions on how to Bong? If we use your suggestion we’ll give you a free pair of Bongers™! (S&H not included)  Send suggestions to

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