Bonging Tips

There are endless possibilities when using your Bongers. They are so much more than handheld percussive massage therapy tools. We've put these tips together based on our own experience as well as the feedback our thousands of satisfied customers have sent us over the past few decades. Take a look, enjoy, and bong away!

- Always be sure to ask whoever is receiving the Bongers massage if they would like you to bong them softer or harder. Never Bong sensitive areas such as the kidneys.

- Try gently massaging your cat, dog, or other pets with Bongers!

- ”Rolling” is another massage method that can be used. To do this hold the Bonger loosely in one hand while the other hand rolls the ball back and forth, just like using a rolling pin!

- Give your shoulders, biceps, and triceps a toning workout by holding one Bonger vertically between both hands and wobble the ball back and forth, and side to side.

- Try coating the balls with aromatic scents and massage oils when massaging bare skin. Just remember to wipe off the Bonger after use! Aromatherapy is a powerful adjunct.

- Use a reflexology hand or foot chart or trigger points chart for ideas on where to bong for specific relief.

Reflexology Chart For Bongers - FeetReflexology Chart for Bongers - Hands

- Create interesting sound effects by rubbing on various surfaces.

- Play along in time with your favorite music, or try playing along to this

- If you have a drummer friend or family member get them to practice their rudiments on you!

Have another suggestions on how to Bong? We would love to hear from you. If we use your suggestion, you’ll be entered in our contest to win a free pair of Bongers! Send your suggestions here.