Product Updates

Cosmic Multi-Color Bongers

The latest and greatest addition to the Bongers family, the Cosmic Multi-Color, was recently launched, and we continue to explore more color options. Each ball is uniquely crafted and colored to express the creation of the cosmos. Try one today and start bonging your way to celestial bliss!

New and Improved Bongers

We listen very carefully to our customers, and strive to make the best product possible, and one that gives our customers the greatest level of satisfaction, health benefit, and pain relief. We are proud to present our latest model of Bongers, in which we have effectively solved the issues of our previous design.

Bongers Handheld Massage Tool With White Shafts

The improved features include:

· Powder coated (white) shaft improves durability and appearance - Fall 2017!
· Eliminated metal collar
· Slightly softer ball for massaging sore muscles with ease
· Longer handle to reach more places
· Ergonomic handle to reduce hand fatigue and improve grip
· New metal shaft design that allows for more flexibility as well as durability
· Adjustable strap to allow Bongers to be hung and worn
· Multiple colors now available: Blue, Purple and Cosmic (more to come!)

If you have any suggestions for further improvements please contact us. It is always greatly appreciated!