Our History

Long ago in ancient Japan the elders would work all day in the rice fields, bending down and putting strain on their lower back while harvesting these long stretches of land. When they returned to their homes, too sore and tired to massage themselves, they would ask their grandchildren to massage them. However their hands were too small to effectively knead and massage strong muscles of the elders, so the grandchildren would make a fist and started to percussively cup and chop to massage their muscles. Thus the Japanese term “Magono-Te” was used to describe this type of massage, which translated means “grandchild’s hands.”

In 1977 Bongers of America LLC was started by Don Strachan in order to effectively translate the tradition and pain relieving method of Magono-Te to modern day massage therapy around the world. Bongers™ are the original massage tool of its type and continue to improve the long history and tradition of Magono-Te with the advancements of modern technology. The instinctual design and simplicity of Bongers™ let anyone from anywhere give or receive a traditional Magono-Te massage!


Bonger Don - The Original Pain Relief Massage Therapist Who Used Percussive Handheld Tools

“Bonger Don” Strachan spreading the word of Bongers™

Don peacefully passed away October 14th, 2011 at the age of 69 surrounded by his loving family. He will remembered for his legacy of Bongers™, KaPoMo, and a life-long passion for protecting the environment through writing and public speaking.

Our World Conscious Efforts

The fulfillment company we use to hand inspect and ship every order is called the Hodan Center. They are also a community rehabilitation program that works to provide disabled adults with a temporary job. Hodan Center also provides free education, transportation, and career counseling help transition their clients into the community.

We are supporters of the Dana and Christopher Reeves Foundation, and the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Our Bongers™ have been donated to ChemoDuck and Christopher’s Haven to help relieve the pain of adults and children undergoing chemotherapy.

We are also proud to be part of the Longevity Conference. It is an international meeting of the minds that strives to enrich lives through the mind and body.