Learn to how use Bongers Percussive Handheld Massage Tools by watching these instructional YouTube videos of bonging. We also welcome you to get in touch with us and send us a video of you using them. We love to learn new ways!

Bongers are an inexpensive and effortless way to give massage anywhere, anytime on yourself or on others. Learn this ancient oriental massage technique called tapotement in the US or drumming / cupping massage throughout the world. This video will teach you how to use our Bongers for an effortless massage on yourself or others. 


Melanie Osborn and Kristy Duffy demonstrate how to use Bongers for the "Reduce and Reverse your Headaches and Migraines Program."


Bongers are an ancient oriental massage tool that are great for anyone. This is especially great for paraplegics and quadriplegics who depend on their hands and upper body to move around on a daily basis. As a result of constant use, tension is often stored there. However, this tension can be easily released by a simple massage with Bongers. It makes a great adjunct to a rehabilitation program.


Bongers are a massage tool that helps humans as well as animals reduce stress and tension in the style of tapotement. As you can see, Heidi finds this very enjoyable.


Professional therapist Melanie Osborn of Balance Matters talks about what she considers to be the “best invention ever!” She shows how to use bongers for neck, shoulder, back and booty tightness as well as knots. She also reflects on the fact that these are the original, and not the “cheap chinese knockoffs”.