Bongers are loved all over the world by everyone: from children to seniors, manual laborers to professional athletes, office workers, and even animals. But don’t just take our word for it, check out the article from Richard Simmons, and other testimonials below:

Get a Bong Out of Health Aid - Richard Simmons Endorsement
by Richard Simmons

Richard SImmons Loves The Health Benefits Of Bongers - Especially For Seniors

'Today we’re going to talk about Bongers.

What are Bongers, you may well ask? Bongers are traditional Japanese massage tools that are good for breaking down muscle tension, stimulating circulation and killing sushi.

Essentially, you use Bongers as if you were playing the xylophone on a person’s body. The vibrating metal tongue depressor does the real work. So the bongee gets an invigorating Shiatsu-type massage while the Bonger doesn’t get tired out.

Almost any child about age 3 can learn how to Bong in five minutes. Practice will improve your rhythm, but rhythm isn’t actually important.

Bonging is not an exercise, mind you, and probably will never be recognized by either the Olympic Committee or Elizabeth Arden.

Bongers are a very inexpensive way to have fun and to give a friend (or even yourself) a break from tight muscles. While a massage costs less (if you practice it on yourself), it’s not hard to perform on strangers, mere acquaintances or office chums and you certainly can’t have a massage with your clothes on. But you can Bong while dressed.

In fact, keeping a set of Bongers in the office to relieve shoulder and neck pain after scrunching over a desk for several hours is a really good idea.

Bongers are available in health food stores, spa resorts, back clinics or from local dealers and distributors near you.'

We sell Bongers at our back clinics located throughout the world and our clients love them!
M.K., Hong Kong, China

I am a ballerina and I dance for about 5 hours a day. I love using my Bongers to relieve my tense muscles and help keep my legs and back flexible for class!
N.P., Miami Beach, FL

Awesome! Got rid of my husband’s foot pain and eased his shin splints in just 2 days!
D.J.C., Murrieta, CA

Bongers have been a real lifesaver during my pregnancy.
S.U., Reseda, CA

After knee replacement therapy, and not being able to move normally for a few days, getting bonged on my upper legs gave me such pain relief. Love my Bongers!
M.K. Conway, SC

If we get out the Bongers, my dogs line up.
K.G., N. Arlington, NJ

Got rid of my shoulder & neck & pain!
S.C., Riverside, CA

They made me smile inside out.
A.Z., Venice, CA

No more headaches … bonged away!
J.J., Mission Viejo, CA

Stupendous, salubrious sensations. The Bonger revolution could stimulate the backbone of our nation.
B.R., Arlington, VA

My girlfriend’s cat just purrs louder when the Bongers (gently) hit his back.
E.D., Burbank, CA

They’re a great pedagogical tool for teaching drum techniques, as well as creating new sound effects.
K.C. Milwaukee WI

After my car accident I had spinal congestion and Bongers helped clear it up.
I.R., Sausalito, CA

We inserted crystals inside our Bongers to revitalize and energize ourselves when we Bong.
B.M., Los Angeles, CA

My family and I love Bonging!!
J.S., Toronto, ON

My pets love Bongers ™. All I have to do is bang the Bongers ™ together and the cats run over to get a massage. I use very light pressure.

Keeping a set of Bongers in the office to relieve shoulder and neck pain after scrunching over a desk for several hours is a really good idea.

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